Lincoln Square Acupuncture, LLC is a peaceful, shared space for community healing in the heart of Lincoln Square. We welcome people who are suffering from ailments or health problems and feel frustrated by Western medicine's inability to diagnose or treat their conditions.
Lincoln Square Acupuncture has been providing natural healing and therapeutic services to Chicagoland residents for nearly a decade. Combining years of training and experience with a multi-faceted understanding of patient needs, we have a deeply rooted history in treating a variety of illnesses and symptoms and helping patients achieve optimal holistic health.
We will always respect your privacy, listen to your concerns and provide you with an individualized treatment and attention. Regardless of the symptoms presented or the treatments administered, you can always expect a positive, comforting experience aimed at finding a solution that leads you to healing.
We look forward to meeting you, learning more about the challenges you're experiencing and share how we can help.
Contact us and we will happily schedule a appointment.

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