Lincoln Square Acupuncture is a community-driven healing center. We use a modern approach to ancient Chinese healing practices to treat contemporary health and wellness problems. Our approach is based on thousand year old principles that view the body and its systems as a whole. This means that we not only address your current symptoms but also work to identify the root of the problem and reduce the likelihood of future issues. Based on your symptoms and needs, we will formulate a treatment plan that may include the following services:


We use a style known as Community Acupuncture. More traditionally used in Asia, this style of acupuncture is done in a group setting where clients are treated in a communal space, or lounge area and seated in recliners to promote relaxation. 


The lounge setting allows for the establishment of a collective energy field, which can enhance the effect of treatment. Family members or friends can be treated simultaneously. This approach allows us to keep costs affordable. Fees for services are based on a honor-based sliding scale of $30-$50 (for the first visit) and $20-$50 thereafter. We allow you to decide how much you are able to pay.


Cupping is a 3,000 year old technique of applying a cup to the skin surface to draw blood and energy to the surface where it is applied. Materials such as bamboo, ceramic, iron and brass have been used, with glass or plastic cups being the most common now.


In Chinese medicine, where there is stagnation of blood or Qi (energy), there is pain. Cups are attached by creating a partial vacuum, usually by heat, and applying them to the skin to draw up the underlying tissues. These cups pull stagnation from within the body and bring it to the surface where it can dissipate. Today, cupping is used primarily for the treatment of muscular and joint pain, as in the case of arthritis or low back pain.


 Moxibustion is the technique of burning moxa wool above the surface of the skin at specific acupuncture points. Moxa wool is a combination of several proprietary herbs mixed with Artemisia Vulgaris, a species of chrysanthemum. The burning moxa produces varying degrees of heat depending on the application.


Moxibustion may be used to treat arthritis, digestive issues or gynecological and obstetric conditions at the discretion of your practitioner. 


Chinese Herbal Medicine is one of the pillars of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Herbal Medicine is used as a part of some treatment plans to enhance and continue the positive effects of acupuncture between treatments.


Diseases and medical conditions are treated using formulas, or combinations of herbs, rather than single herbs. Formulas may be taken a number of ways: decoction, tea pills, pills, powders, granules, tinctures, liquid extracts or capsules.

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