Dao Joint Vitality

Dao Joint Vitality

Joint Vitality is inspired by a classic herbal combination that’s been used by acupuncturists and doctors of Chinese herbal medicine for hundreds of years to support the lower back and strengthen joints for added mobility. We’ve offered a modern twist, pairing these herbs with collagen and coconut oil for added strength, flavor and vitality.

Mix with your coffee, add to almond milk, or upgrade your water with this powerful blend that will strengthen your joints and lower back.

Joint Vitality is great for:

  • Strengthening Your Lower Back
  • Joint Support, Strength & Maintenance
  • Increasing Mobility, Naturally
  • Active Athletes Seeking Joint Maintenance
  • Those Seeking Strength to Support Aging Joints

    Joint Vitality by DAO Labs combines fourteen classic Chinese herbs, along with collagen and coconut oil, to create this powerful blend which increases lower back support, improves joint strength and supports overall mobility - all in a powdered form. The warming flavor combination of spiced cocoa and cinnamon, with a hint of vanilla, blends beautifully with the herbs for easy long term use for joint maintenance and support.

    With a history of supporting active athletes to those seeking joint support from an active life, the herbs in Joint Vitality provide both lower back and joint support in a natural way, delivering strength through the power of Chinese herbal medicine. With the added benefits of collagen and coconut oil to further complement the herbal combination’s rich history, Joint Vitality is an “east meets west” herbal solution for leading a more physically active (and flexible) life.

    Joint Vitality is packed in a bulk canister with a scoop to conveniently add to your coffee, almond milk or other liquid beverage of your choice.

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