Dao Sleep Remedy - Mental Tranquility

Dao Sleep Remedy - Mental Tranquility

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Mental Tranquility is for the stressed sleeper whose mind won’t turn off in the middle of the night, leaving them stressed, restless and anxious throughout the night and fatigued the next day. Inspired by the classic Chinese herbal bled Return to Spleen (Gui Pi Tang), this natural, non-habit forming formula is designed to quiet the mind and deliver peaceful, uninterrupted rest like you’ve never experienced.

Mental Tranquility is great for:

  • A racing mind that won’t turn off throughout the night
  • Reducing nighttime anxiousness and stress
  • Helping one stay asleep, not just fall asleep
  • Increasing mental clarity and focus the next day
  • Establishing a quality sleep pattern

    Mental Tranquility by DAO Labs, part of our Sleep Remedy Series, combines 12 powerful herbs with a refreshing blackcherry and spice combination that helps one maintain quality sleep throughout the night (not just fall asleep). The formula is inspired by the incredibly popular Chinese herbal combination Return to Spleen (Gui Pi Tang), used for a variety of needs and benefits beyond just helping deliver uninterrupted rest.

    Mental Tranquility is for the sleeper whose mind races at 2 AM and won’t turn off. The stressed out sleeper will achieve peaceful rest and renewed mental clarity in the day ahead with this powerful herbal combination that’s been helping people sleep more soundly for hundreds of years - we’ve modernized and made it better.

    It’s not melatonin, rather Mental Tranquility is a non-habit forming herbal powder that mixes easily with water and can be taken both before bed to transition naturally to sleep and during the day for superior mental performance and to reinforce a better sleep pattern in the nights that follow.

    Mental Tranquility comes in a bulk container with approximately 30 servings for a month of blissful sleep.

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