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Dao Womens Formula

Dao Womens Formula

SKU: 126351351935

Women’s Formula, inspired by the powerful Chinese herbal blend Four Substance Decoction (Si Wu Tang), provides a natural but intensively supportive solution to maintain peaceful strength, cycle regularity and on-going support for the female monthly cycle. Helpful for women who experience cycles which are less than harmonious, these four herbs are incredibly popular with women across Asia, helping re-energize, invigorate and strengthen on-going menstrual regularity to create a more natural, peaceful month.

Women’s Formula is great for:

  • Supporting on-going cycle regularity
  • Helping re-energize after one’s cycle has ended
  • Creating a more peaceful and natural cycle
  • Harmonizes and normalizes emotions throughout the month

    Women’s Formula by DAO Labs combines 4 powerful herbs with a refreshing raspberry and black pepper flavor combination to naturally help women experience a more regular and peaceful monthly cycle. The formula is inspired by the incredibly popular Chinese herbal combination, Four Substance Decoction (Si Wu Tang), and used by women across much of Asia as part of their monthly feminine health routine.

    Women’s Formula helps create a more natural month, helping restore energy after her cycle has ended and creating a pathway to a more natural, peaceful cycle in the month ahead.

    In addition, women who take the formula monthly should experience a more regular cycle and one that is less obtrusive to their ongoing lives. The herbs help bolster energy after bleeding has ended and leads to hormonal balance and harmony throughout the month.

    Women’s Formula is taken on a monthly basis, after her cycle has ended. Simply add the powdered blend to water, and let the heritage of this powerful classic work its magic in your life. Women’s Formula is packaged in individual packets for on-the-go convenience.

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