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Dao Womens Monthly Kit

Dao Womens Monthly Kit

SKU: 364215376135199

The Women’s Monthly Kit by DAO Labs is a combination of two distinct formulas for two different phases of your monthly cycle. This classic pairing of Chinese herbal formulas is used widely by acupuncturists and doctors of Chinese herbal medicine for cycle support and hormonal balance, leading to increased energy, more cycle regularity and reduced stress and emotional mood swings. It’s also used by women seeking fertility support.


Each kit combines 9 sachets of Emotional Balance and 9 sachets of Women’s Formula. Emotional Balance is used during the PMS phase of her cycle, helping to harmonize her hormones, reduce stress and mood swings which can accompany this phase of the month.


Women’s Formula is used after bleeding has ended to help replenish energy and support ongoing cycle regularity. This beautiful formula is widely considered one of the most popular formulas in all of Chinese herbal medicine given its natural ability to provide her with peaceful strength into her next cycle.


All of the formulas are packed into individual sachets allowing her to easily carry these with her and consume on the go. The powdered herbs are added to water, with light stirring to mix and then enjoy.


    Whether for fertility planning or to provide a more natural, peaceful and predictable monthly cycle, the Women’s Monthly Kit by DAO Labs pairs two different Chinese herbal formulas, for two different phases of your cycle.

    • Emotional Balance is used during the PMS phase of her month to reduce stress, mood swings, irritability, fatigue and all the funk that can proceed a cycle.
    • After bleeding ends, Women’s Formula is used for 4-5 days for better energy, natural replenishment and regularity as you progress into your next cycle.

    Welcome to a significantly improved month.


    • Women seeking a natural, comprehensive solution for a more peaceful, regular cycle and month
    • Those seeking appropriate hormonal strength for fertility support
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