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Sage Your Space Spray - Clary

Sage Your Space Spray - Clary

Trying to get rid of the bad vibes still lingering in the air?

Clear the unwanted negative energy in your home office with Sage Your Space Room Spray. 

The alternative to burning sage without the smoky smell! 


This ancient ritual of cleansing can be done in the comfort of your bedroom, cubical or car. 

Purify and bring positive energy with sage to the air around you.


We spray our clinic before and after shifts with this bottle of joy. 

For more info about our fellow Acupuncturist, visit:


4 oz bottle

Clary Sage, a sweetly herbaceous essential oil traditionally believed to be soothing, warming, calming, peaceful and euphoric.  Spray it to refresh and enlighten your space.  Whether it be the bedroom, the place you exercise or meditate, or even the bathroom, set an intention to clear the air and your mind.  Sage Your Space.


Ingredients Sage & Clary;

Purified water, clary sage essential oil, saponified coconut, olive and jojoba oils, vegetable glycerin, rosemary extract preservative, organic aloe vera.

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