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Dao Cold & Allergy

Dao Cold & Allergy

SKU: 21554345656

Immunity Support, inspired by the classic herbal blend Jade Windscreen (Yu Ping Feng San), is one of the strongest forms of immunity defense that has been used for over 750 years and remains of the most popular formulas across Asia still to this day. It’s the go-to formula for cold and pollen seasons, or anytime one’s immune system needs to guard against airborne pathogens. Enjoy it the way you’d use other vitamin-C powders - this formula just happens to work better.

Immunity Support is great for:

  • Cold season
  • Pollen season
  • Interacting with large crowds
  • Teachers & parents
  • When you feel something coming on

    Immunity Support by DAO Labs combines three powerful herbs with a refreshing pear-ginger flavor combination that easily mixes with water. Used widely across Asia for nearly 800 years, the herbal combination delivers a level of natural immunity strength that is unmatched by other vitamin supplement powders that you might be part of your current immunity routine. Carry with you for take-on-the-go convenience, or use regularly during cold season when airborne pathogens are at their highest.

    The herbs in Immunity Support will leave you feeling strong and refreshed when those around you do not. Born in nature and used widely across Asia still to this day, let the power and our added convenience of this incredible formula keep you healthy.

    Immunity Support is packaged in individual packets to carry with you for on-the-go convenience.

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