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Dao Emotional Balance

Dao Emotional Balance

Emotional Balance, inspired by the calming, popular and powerful herbal blend Free & Easy Wanderer (Xiao Yao San), offers amazing stress release in a matter of moments. But the formula offers so much more to those who embrace the power of this herbal classic - it brings calmness and emotional clarity, offering stillness to frazzled nerves with a modest energy bump that won’t leave you crashing later.

Emotional Balance is great for:

  • Combatting overwhelming stress
  • Easing mental tension
  • Addressing PMS emotions
  • Adding a subtle boost of energy
  • Calming irritability
  • Making you a bit happier

    Emotional Balance by DAO Labs combines 8 classic herbs with a refreshing apple-cucumber natural flavor blend that delivers a quick does of calm and happiness for the frazzled mind and body. The formula is inspired by the popular Chinese herbal medicine formula Free & Easy Wanderer (Xiao Yao San), a formula named for the roaming Dao-ists of centuries ago, who were calm and relaxed in their meditative pursuits.

    The herbs in Emotional Balance will leave you feeling relaxed and focussed, with the apple-cucumber natural flavor combination nicely leaving you refreshed as well. The formula is effective for as needed relaxing support, while popular for women during the PMS phase of their cycle. It can be taken daily for on-going stress management, with effects that can be incredibly profound.

    Simply add the powdered blend to water, and let the heritage of this powerful classic work its magic in your life. Emotional Balance is packaged in individual packets for on-the-go convenience.

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